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palomamttm answered your question: Hey Sugs, what’s new?

what are some questions to ask on a first sd/sb date that are important to get across?

I’m sure that SB’s with a few more years under their belt than I would have more to say on this, but here is what I like to get squared away.

  1. "What exactly are you looking for?" Make him be specific. Some men just want someone to hang out with, others are looking to have sex right away. Some men are looking to get married. You need to know!
  2. "How many times a week do you want to see each other?" Figure out specifics on how much time he is going to want from you.
  3. Pitch him your allowance needs. Don’t ASK him what he wants to spend, just tell him how much you need, and tell him what it would be for (bills, school, etc). I think that if you ask him to give you a number, he’ll low ball to see what he can get away with. Take nothing less than what you want.

From there, it’s just anything else that you feel are deal breakers. I know some girls like to figure out if they are married or not, etc. 

What do you guys think?

XO, Viola

Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch :)

Hey Sugs, what’s new?

Hey Sugars! What’s new? Did I miss anything crazy? I’ve been gone for a while.

First of all, I’ve been sick. Acute Gastroenteritis (although when someone asks I say “a cold” otherwise they’ll imagine me doing disgusting things), but yeah it’s been terrible. :( I’m on day 7 and its finally getting a little better.

I’ve also been dating - REAL dating - the same guy more. I really, really like him. He’s been texting me all week. He called me yesterday just to see how I was feeling. He convinced me to go to the doctor. He worried about me. He makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

One of my POT SD’s and I called it off. That was pretty upsetting. We’d been going out to dinner like once a week, and every time I saw him he’d give me a couple hundred. (300-500). When we discussed an arrangement, I told him 1200/Week plus shopping and dinners, and he said no. He was thinking about HALF of that. Screw you, buddy.

On the upside, my SD Chang came to visit me last weekend. I got a new lens for my Camera, a Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch, and he took me shopping and out to eat. It was a good day.

What have you lovies been up to? Talk to me! XO

AshleyMadison- need tips!

How do you turn AshleyMadison into a sugar site? I’ve seen you guys on here talk about it before and I made an account, but everyone seems to just be looking for a legitimate affair. I want to get $$$$$$! I put “seeking sugar” in my headline, what else can I do to screen through all of these people? I’ve gotten tons of messages but none of them are SD’s.

Someone tell me how this works?

My BMW got towed.


Retail therapy
It’s the little things in life. -V

It’s the little things in life. -V

The Sweet Life: Boyfriends, Open Relationships, SDs and Sugaring...


A couple things:

I love that there are other chicks in the community who are juggling boyfriends, sugar and subs. We are so lucky for our boyfriends who are truly supportive and know how to redefine ideas of commitment and love for themselves… My boyfriend is my best friend, lover, confidant, teacher and more.

Jealousy is not a sign of love or commitment. It is a sign of possessiveness and the ridiculous idea that there is a limit to how much love we can share. 

There’s something else I wanted to write about. I’m getting messages from ladies who are comparing themselves to SBs who are looking for COMPLETELY different arrangements than they are. Ladies STOP IT! If you are a sugar baby or aspiring SB and you see another SB with an SD that seems to give them the world, keep in mind that you don’t know what that other chick is doing. We all want to look like we got it like that on tumblr but in all actuality she could be living with him for all you know. She could be babysitting his kids, his ass and moonlighting as his on call therapist all at the same time.

Are you willing to do this? No. So only worry about your specific situation and how much time you are willing to spend on an SD. You’re in school. You don’t have time to go to Tahiti this October anyway.

Por ejemplo, what if I went around comparing myself to a SB who travels all over the world with her SD and lives in his mansion? That would be absurd correct? Because I have a boyfriend, a full time job and cannot heavily invest my time and energy into SDs. Anything I go into is going to be less involved. It’s going to be with an SD who is fine with minimal contact throughout the week. As a result, it’s 10 times harder to find the kind of guy who’s willing to spit out the kind of money I want, for just one day a week and minimal contact after that. 

Remember ladies, the more time a woman has for a man, the more he will give her. Especially if he thinks she truly cares for him. That is just the way the cookie crumbles. So if you’re not in a position for a FULL TIME sugar daddy, don’t compare yourself to the ladies who are.

Just do you honey. FOCUS ON YOU and 

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I need sugar advice.

So a POT I went out with tonight basically said he wants an arrangement and asked me to come up with numbers. He definitely wants to have sex and he is not attractive; 45, a little heavy, and just not cute. What are good numbers? $1000 a week plus shopping and dinners? Is that low balling? He didn’t give me any parameters. Tonight he gave me $400 for a dinner and drinks and a few kisses. Help!

The dichotomy between sugar and real dating.

So I’ve been dating (real dating, not sugar dating) this guy for almost 2 months now. We’ve been taking things super slow, and casual, because I just got out of a relationship. We’re not exclusive, just casual dating.

But I like him a lot. He’s great; he’s smart, sweet, makes me laugh, good in bed… and he makes me feel cared about. We have a great rapport and he gets my sense of humor. I still don’t want to be his girlfriend, but I’m starting to want to hang out with him more often…. and it’s kind of conflicting with my sugar dating schedule.

How does one begin to juggle sugar dating and real dating? I’ve basically decided that I don’t want to tell him unless we do end up in a committed relationship…….. and even then I’m not sure =/ but is that bad of me? What do you guys think - how do you juggle real dating and sugar dating?

Texts from my dork of an SD. He is pretty sweet. Because sugar babies know how to make a man swoon. :)